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          Innovating Smart-Input? Applications

          ELAN specializes in advanced controllers and module solutions which are widely applied in notable smartphones, tablets, notebook computers & smart wearables etc.

          Products & Solutions

          Innovative Technology Products & Solutions

          ELAN’s core technologies include touch controller with pen, touchpad, fingerprint sensors and pointing stick solutions. We are leading the market by reinventing the future of technologies.

          Products & Solutions
          About ELAN

          ELAN, Reinvent the Future!

          ELAN, a Worldwide Leader in Human Interface Solutions.

          We deliver advanced controller and module solutions to OEM for end product applications. Our world-class solutions include fingerprint sensors, pen and touch controllers, trackpad/track-point modules, sensors for IoT and VR/AR solutions.

          About ELAN

          ELAN, Reinvent the Future!

          News & Events

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